About Us
Prostep Technology Sdn Bhd was established in year 2018 as Private Limited Company. The principal of business involves on manufacturing, designing, reverse engineering and OEM of precision parts, CNC lathe & milling machining, jigs & fixtures, tooling and etc.

Our capability in high level technology performance and has earned the recognition of “One-Stop Engineering Solutions”. We provide solution for Engineering requirements of the most precise parts that demanded by our customers.

We are always committed in our best effort to offer our customers total satisfaction in terms of products & services.

To creatively design, manufacture and produce precision parts and tools that meet and exceed specifications of our customers. We will be providing dynamic solutions with high-tech and efficient machinery; through innovative engineering.

To be a leading Engineering Company in Malaysia by year 2030 in manufacturing, servicing and trading a wide range of engineering products and services with achieving a long-term sustainable growth.
ProSTEP’s Five Core Values

We ensure that our products and services are always our customers delight at all time.

We believe in providing excellent customer service to ensure that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.

We build up a rewarding and lasting relationship with Customer through excellence CRM program.

Our designers are highly experienced and committed interest to our customers’ needs. We have a strong understanding of today's engineering and tooling requirements.

We design and manufacture our products with the latest technology.
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